Midrange Group’s presentation

Created in 1993, MIDRANGE Group is a Digital Services Company which specializes in consulting, integration and outsourcing.

Our mission is to accompany you through the digital transformation of your company while completely integrating digital technologies in all your business activities.

For this, MIDRANGE develops business options tailored to specific sectors: automotive, banking and insurance, logistics, e-commerce and healthcare, in particular.

The different business lines within the group are delivered through 4 complementary subsidiaries in order to support your projects in their entirety: MIDRANGE Consulting, MIDRANCE Solutions & Services, MIDRANGE Digital Engineering and MIDRANGE Computers.

MIDRANGE consulting
MIDRANGE solutions & services
MIDRANGE ingénierie numérique
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«S’interroger sur la transformation numérique des PME,
c'est s'interroger sur l'avenir de notre économie dans son ensemble.»

Midrange’s core competencies



Our consultants will advise you in your selection of information systems :

  • defining needs
  • implementing optimal solutions to organize and transform major functions (finance, human resources, purchasing…)
  • business processes
Ensuring these objectives, our consultants are experienced professionals who are experts in the respective business sectors in which they are advising.

Hosting / Outsourcing

Hosting / Outsourcing

MIDRANGE commits to managing and operating your company’s information systems and having them evolve to optimize performances.

Entrusting us with a part or all of your information systems management allows you to concentrate solely on the management of your business activity and to delegate IT problems to a professional.

We will offer you reliable IT outsourcing solutions and carry out necessary maintenance quickly and efficiently.

Digital engineering

Digital engineering

We develop your customized solution, adapted to your organization and in line with your strategy and business.

MIDRANGE accompanies you in the development of your business activity by providing you the appropriate digital tools:

  • specific business software
  • collaborative tools (portals, intranet and extranet…)
  • showcase website or e-commerce
As each company is unique, development is customized to best meet your needs.

Asset management

Asset management

We will offer you reliable IT outsourcing solutions and carry out necessary maintenance quickly and efficiently.

MIDRANGE supports you throughout the asset’s life cycle, from the selection of your equipment up to EOL disposal.

MIDRANGE proposes asset management solutions oriented around the heart of your business activity, based on:

  • a rental offer
  • customized assistance and support solutions
  • management tools and industrialized processes
  • consulting and IT governance

Our vision for the information system

Rethinking your IT Optimizing your costs Integrating your ERP Deploying your CRM Optimizing your customerrelationship Innovating collaborative solutions Successful web redesign IT STRATEGY

Rethinking your IT

MIDRANGE provides you the keys necessary to adopt a new information system infrastructure centered on the user :

  • user experience / ergonomics / response time / reliability
  • Online catalogue through portal / fully automated delivery / pay-per-use
MIDRANGE helps you open up and transform your information system into a system of “bricks”, web services or API for use by your employees or your customers.

Optimizing your costs

In an effort to control your IT costs, MIDRANGE assists you to better define your needs and adapt your solutions with the following objectives:

  • Agility: adapt your IT to the actual needs of your business activity
  • Simplification: optimize your organization and processes
  • Longevity: extend the lifecycle of assets
  • Transition: achieve a successful transformation for each of your employees or customers

Integrating your ERP

With an exact understanding and permanent watch of the market, MIDRANGE provides you with the ability to make an informed decision on your choice of ERP.

A real strategic choice for your IT, the ERP must meet your operational issues, support the growth of your business and make all of your operations easier.

By accurately defining your needs, MIDRANGE simply guides you to an ERP that suits your business, without bias, and integrates the ERP into your information system for a successful transition.

Deploying your CRM

Because customer data and its use are the heart of your company’s value, MIDRANGE helps you implement the best CRM tool.

To help you make the most of your client database and to use the best tools, MIDRANGE studies your needs to find a match amongst the available CRM solutions or if specific development is required.

Integration, costs, key features, data synchronization and transmission, ERP connection, ergonomics, mobile access, flexibility, security, storage, all these aspects are studied to help you to launch the best CRM campaigns.

Optimizing your customer relationship

In a time of hyper-connectivity, your customers expect responsiveness, practicality but also quality in brand solutions from your company.

MIDRANGE makes managing your client relationships easy with the social web and helps you implement interactive and interpersonal tools adapted to mobile internet usage.

Referrals are the first source of customer confidence. MIDRANGE helps you develop a personalized and adaptable approach to each customer with a flexible and efficient cross-channel strategy.

Innovating through collaborative solutions

Taking from the principle that we are smarter together than alone, MIDRANGE helps you redefine your innovation strategy for a process that best involves your teams.

By implementing digital tools to share information, MIDRANGE increases the value of your team’s expertise and develops an environment conducive to creating value and implicating each team member.

Knowledge-sharing tools provide an optimal and uninterrupted service thus improving your customers’ experience and satisfaction.

Successful web redesign

Thanks to our knowledge of web strategies, e-commerce, mobile commerce, MIDRANGE designs for you the relevant digital tools adapted to your needs and image.

A network of MIDRANGE experts are at your disposal to reinforce your web presence, adapt your digital tools for new services and strengthen your interactive communication with your customers and partners in particular.

By helping you take control of your new tools, MIDRANGE thus develops your digital ecosystem which is flexible, adapted to your audience and adds value to your company.

Industry expertise


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